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We create original articles, 100% Handcrafted, handmade with the best materials and much affection!
All items we make can be personalized with a machine-embroidered name, and if you wish any of the items to be in a different color / fabric for that special occasion or set of matching items, contact us !!

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Aug 21 2018

We also do hand painting in several articles, you can choose the drawing and you can have the drawing you like best !!

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Christmas 30 2018

We inform our customers that we will be closed for holidays until 20 / 8, Thank you for understanding and we will come back with renewed energy for another year full of wonderful articles.

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February 13 2018

We have available many fabrics that you can choose for articles to be even more fantastic. Items made with a lot of affection and details to suit every client. To know more information or to see all the fabric collection send message, Thank you.

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Set 18 2017

As we are always thinking about improving the service in our store we have more payment options that can choose. The shipment will also always be sent in registered service so that they can follow your order and in a more secure way.

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Aug 31 2017

You can find on the site, articles for embroidering / painting, many materials for artisans or craftsmen or even for those who make handicrafts a hobbie. Quality materials and pieces to personalize the cross stitch or to paint as you like. Come on !!

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June 23 2017

Today when organizing the studio our heart was full to look at the 2017 Registers pile (we are still in June) and we thank all those who follow us and who trust us many more were sent in green and blue mail and not [...]

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